AnalytiX Dashboard

Unlock the true potential of your data with AnalytiX Dashboard, a cutting-edge odoo dashboard
module designed to revolutionize the way you visualize & analyze information. Elevate
your decision-making process with intuitive, interactive, & insightful dashboardsthat
empower you to confidently navigate your business landscape.

Here is the detailed explanation about all features of this module.

Module setup and fields explanation.

First, you need to give access to the user for the dashboard as shown below.

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Create a dashboard for the specific type of charts.
Automatic generate colors theme from your brand logo.
After uploading the logo, the system will generate all the colors from the logo's colors.
Then you can see those color themes in your dashboard.
Advance date filters
Load your dashboard data with the types of predefined filters.

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Fill the fields below with all the necessary information to generate a chart.
Choose the dashboard item you wish to generate after the information, then apply the chart
configuration to fetch the data in a chart.
Group by feature allows you to retrieve multiple sets of data.
Add the detail in the chart configuration to fetch the data from the selected model.
As seen in the screenshot below, you can modify the value of the x-axis and y-axis by
modifying the value in the measure label format {value} {c}.
You can also specify the data's label.
"Default" date filter will be used to retrieve all of the data.

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In order to configure the chart, please watch the video.
Please watch the video below to generate all types of charts.

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