Simplify employee administration process with #1 hrm software

Automate administrative tasks, calculate salary and taxes, and manage leave and attendance, all through HRIS Essentials.

Simplify Employee Administration

Key features of employee administration system

Utilize Odoo HRM Software's core features to streamline a variety of staff administration and management operations.

Effective Purchasing management
Simplify the process of checking the absences
of all company employees.
Access all employee data and document
in a single centralised system.
Manage the payroll process for all employees accurately.

Employee administration system benefits

A simple and practical user interface can help the company's HR administration, making the preferred option of many businesses.


Tracking administrative data such as leave and reimbursement requests can be processed quickly and practically.


Employee attendance data updates run automatically to facilitate the process of monitoring attendance lists.


Collect, manage, and document signatures from all your essential documents in just seconds.


Run more efficient payroll processes with fully customizable salary regulations.


Our employee administration system expertise

Our wide range of services to fulfil your business needs

Attendance automation

Manage attendence lists easier and faster. Monitor and records all data related to employee attendance create attendence reports in minutes.

Multi-Level Security System
Multi-level security system

Employee database are securely stored. Eliminate the risk of data leakage by storing all employee-related data on a cloud server with guaranteed security

Contract Management
Contract management

Employee contract management become more efficient. Get the latest notifications about employment contract to expire to make it easier for HR managers to take action.

Multi approval

Manage leave and permits easily with the software. Avoid the convoluted process of applying for leave and get real-time updates on the remaining employee leave

Simple supervision task

Monitoring shifts and work schedules on one screen Supervise shifts and work schedules of all employees more easily with automation by the system.

Automatic payslip distribution

Easily maximize the usage and maintenance of hospital assets. Automate all hospital facility care scheduling and maximize asset management to make it more effective.

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deliver amazing customer experiences through ERP solutions.


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What is hrm essentials software?

Hrm essentials software is a human resource management system specifically
created for HR staff to simplify the administrative process.


Uses of Hrm software

Core erp is specially designed to assist companies of all sizes and industries to automate various business processes with its modules and features. This system is designed to increase the efficiency of your company's operations. This system is also equipped with Business Intelligence technology.


Benefits of Hrm software

Of course, taking care of all HR administrative activities will not prevent miscalculation and human error. Employee management systems in the workplace can help to reduce error-prone manual data input errors. You can easily manage various company HR administration processes with the help of HRM Essentials software.


How to choose best hrm?

A good indicator of HRM software is that it has comprehensive features, can assist various HR division needs in your company, is simple to use, and can solve all company HR management problems.HRM software provider, has a variety of features that meet the needs of the business and have received positive user feedback.

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