Models Access Rights (Report, Actions, views, export)

Groups and access control lists are used in Odoo to restrict model access privileges (ACLs). Groups define a set of users who have specific permissions on specific models. 

The specific permissions that a group has on a certain model are specified in access control lists.

 Permissions such as read, write, and delete access, as well as the ability to create and access records in the model, can all be set. 

These permissions can be specified at both the global and record levels, providing granular control over data access in Odoo.

All processes in Odoo are quite sophisticated, take a long time, and require a technical expert who is already familiar with Odoo's technical capabilities.

How to wok with Simplify access management

Model access rights

Simplified Access Management includes a feature that allows you to define user-specific model access rights (report, actions, views, and export) from a single location, as well as answers to all of the difficulties listed above.

So, let me tell you about how to simplify access management. 

Here, you can see the only need a create a rule and add model and also add the Hide report which you want to hide.
Furthermore, Hide some actions such as 

After apply rule

after the apply rule 

Simplify access management [Field Access Rights]