Simplify access management [Field Access Rights]

Field Access Rights in Odoo are extremely complex.

A studio application is required if you want to field a show. And you cannot make the field invisible, read-only, required, or remove external links from the studio because you require a technical export who is familiar with Odoo at the time. And it frequently has an impact on your business due to a lack of team members and financial conditions.

How to apply Odoo Field Access Rights

Simplified Access Management includes a feature that allows you to create user-specific field access rights from a single location, as well as answers to all of the difficulties listed above.

There are no requirements with SAM; you only need to understand the SAM features to easily create invisible fields, read-only fields, required fields, and remove external links. 

First, I'll tell you how to use SAM to make fields invisible

Before apply the rule field invisible

Field rejult invisible

before required the field in odoo

SAM apply field required rule

Remove External link and add requried filed 

Required Field And External Link Remove

in Odoo
Simplify access management Hide the Button, Tab/Page, and Kanban Link